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Tibet Train

  is a sister website of

Easy Tour China

, and a brand name of Easy Tour China Travel Co., Ltd, delivering all our guests a comfortable and memorable journey through this mysterious holy land that still boasts many secrets waiting to be discovered. We hope through our efforts you can discover for yourself the wonders of Tibet and other parts of China, and the magnificent experiences you can have here are endless.

As the first passenger train has been successful launched on July 1, 2006, more and more tourists will step on the enchanting land. Obviously there is a trend that the major tourist sites will be spoiled by flocks of tourists sooner or later, before it is getting what we don't hope to see, Tibet Train Travel urges all the people who intend to visit the roof of the world to come here the soonest. We here not only offer regular package tours, but flexible basic travel services; not only city sightseeing, but adventurous mountaineering and hiking; not only fast flight in and out of Tibet, but also strenuous train and 4-wheel driving.


Tibet Train

  is strongly backed up by our group of tour specialists many of whom have at least 5 years working experience in the international travel business. Our local Tibetan guides will service you with an incomparable experience. We are a state-registered tour company (License: L-GX00493) in China Tourism Administration to protect the benefits of tourists.

As an old Tibetan saying, "Experience can be a most beautiful adornment". We look forward to you traveling with us to this holy land in the near future.

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