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Location: Liuwu town of Zhalongdeqing County - 20km southwest of Lhasa

Altitude: 3600 meters above sea level

Gross Floor Area: 23,600 square meters

Platform: 6

Train station capacity: 2700 passengers per day

What to see and experience on sky rail ride?

Despite some negative voice about the railway from outside China, no one can deny its existence as an engineering miracle in the whole world.

A Train running on rail bridge, Tibet Train Travel

1. No matter where you start to take the train to Lhasa, or from Lhasa to other parts of China, you will witness the diversities of China. From the train windows, an authentic China slideshow is presented in front of you to look and speculate.

2. You will see the grandeur of snow-caped mountains, glaciers as well as the peaceful and clear rivers and lakes on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. While passing through the Hol Xil Reserve, you might see the endangered species like Tibetan Antelopes, wild yak, wild ass and other creatures you have little chance to see in your life.

3. You will become the witness of the magnificent projects, which made 9 world records in railway history:

A. The highest railway in the world 5072 meter above sea level

B. The longest plateau railway stretching a length of 1142 km

C. The longest plateau railway crossing the permafrost

Yaks near railways, Tibet Train Travel

D. It has the highest train station in the world Tangula Train Station at an altitude of 5068 meter above sea level

E. It has the most elevated tunnel in the world on permafrost Fenghuoshan Tunnel (4905 meters above sea level)

F. It has the longest tunnel on permafrost with a length of 1686 meters Kunlun Mountain Tunnel

G. Anduo County is the highest track-laying base in the world with a height of 4704 meters above sea level

H. Qingshuihe Bridge is the longest rail bridge over the plateau permafrost with a length of 11.7km

I. The fastest train compared with all other plateau rails at a speed of 100km/h on permafrost, and 120km/h on regular soil.

Tibetans on the train, Tibet Train Travel

You can have a close contact with local people on board. Isn't it an adventurous experience?! If at soft sleeper class, there are 4 berths in one private compartment with more limited comforts, while at hard class sleepers there are bunks in open-plan dormitory cars, usually arranged in bays of 6 (upper, middle and lower) on one side of the aisle, with pairs of seats on the other side of the aisle for daytime use. Hard seat class is not recommended to the international tourists.