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June 09
Lhasa is to implement automobile exhaust national standard III at the beginning of July.

June 08
The Sagya Dawa Festival, to mark the birth and the attainment of nirvana of Sakyamuni, will come on April 15 in Tibetan calendar (June 18 by solar calendar).

June 04
Influenced by the global warming and the La Nina Phenomenon, the rainy season in the Tibet Autonomous Region is 20 days to 30 days earlier than usual.

Qinghai-Tibet Railway Photo Gallery

Qinghai-Tibet Railway

In the past traveling to Tibet might be a remote dream. The poor accessibility and appalling high altitude made many people hesitate to step on this mysterious and enchanting land. Today tourists can not only choose to take flights or cars into and out of Tibet, but a new means - train available.

Other Tibet Pictures

Other Tibet PicturesOther Tibet Pictures
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